Bank offers loan for private school.

The credit for the private school is the answer of responsible parents to the difficult conditions in some public schools. It is a measure to maintain educational opportunities for your own children.

Loan for private school, who uses it?

Loan for private school, who uses it?

The credit for the private school is mainly used by parents who no longer trust the public system. The level of public schools is unfortunately not optimal for the future prospects of children at every place of residence. The problems of empty state coffers and misguided social developments will be carried out on the backs of the next generation. Lack of teachers, dilapidated buildings and a very different class level cause problems in primary school. Children who have received home support sit in a class with children who hardly speak the German language.

Unfortunately, parents who want their children to have a fair future have to leave the state system more and more often. More and more private schools are opening, especially in the metropolitan areas. You catch these children. The schools offer small classes. All students are on an approximately uniform level of education. Nobody is left behind or bored in their place.

But optimal learning relationships cost money. A private school finances the high level exclusively through the school fees charged to the parents.

Credit for the school abroad

Credit for the school abroad

If you want to take advantage of your career opportunities, you cannot avoid working abroad. German expertise is in demand abroad. After a few years, personal advancement is accomplished. The now global expertise is urgently needed in Germany as a business location. Private schools abroad are often the only way that the family can stay together when the main earner goes abroad.

The career boost comes at a price. The German private school does not pay for a foreign employer. He already pays more for the expat’s salary than for a local employee in a comparable position. The school year for a child in Singapore costs around 24,000 Singapore dollars (around 14,500 USD).

In addition there are school meals around 100 USD per month and the bus transfer around 200 USD per month. With the customary local rents, around 2000 USD for a small apartment, there is hardly anything left even from the lavish expat salary. No help comes from the German state. School support for schools abroad was already taken into account in the fees.

Only the credit for the private school has to be taken in Germany. Despite expat income, a foreigner in Singapore can only get credit with extreme difficulty.

Loan opportunities for private schools

Loan opportunities for private schools

State loan support can only be used to a very limited extent for private schools. Even in schools like the one in Singapore, which have no alternative, there is no subsidized credit support from the state.

In many cases, the loan for the private school can only be an ordinary installment loan. The best conditions for this loan are usually offered by direct internet providers. A comparison of interest rates is worthwhile.

If you happen to go to Singapore, the German school there is one of the best foreign schools in the world. The knowledge advantage that is conveyed there can be confirmed by every student.

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